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UltraSky Roof Lantern

Capable of being installed on a new build extension, bespoke orangery, or incorporated within an existing flat roof, an UltraSky roof lantern from Turkington helps to flood any desired space with lashings of natural light from above and help add the feeling of extra space. Available in a range of various colours and sizes, it’s easy to find a roof lantern that matches your home’s character perfectly.

Whether it’s intended to brighten up a living room, dining room, bathroom or kitchen, the UltraSky roof lantern sits firmly atop the desired room and reduces the need of a chunky roof ridge thanks to its sleek and clean design.

If your home naturally receives a generous amount of direct sunlight, opt for an UltraSky roof lantern with a built in roof vent from Turkington to help ensure you always live comfortably.

A stylish addition that maximises light entry and comfort

Unlike many other methods of successfully bringing the outside in to your home, the UltraSky roof lantern acts as a stunning addition to any style of property, traditional or contemporary alike. Gone are the days of hefty roof ridges, instead making way for this innovative new home improvement product which is available within a range of bespoke rectangular sizes from 1m x 1.5m to 2m x 4m.

The thermally efficient glass used within the UltraSky not only makes for a modern aesthetic but also helps to minimise any potential heat loss and is robust enough to minimise noise pollution during heavy rain. Built to last, any UltraSky roof lantern from Turkington will perform beautifully year after year.

Key benefits of an UltraSky roof lantern

  • Uninterrupted sightlines for large light entry
  • Exceptional thermal efficiency (U-values as low as 1.1)
  • Custom built to the specific size/design you require on a customer by customer basis
  • Finished in high performance aluminium or PVC for maximum strength and durability
  • High quality glazing to tackle external noise pollution

Helping to enhance the feeling of space to make your room more welcoming

Incorporating an UltraSky roof lantern into the top of your home removes the need to surround your room with glazed windows, instead brightening your room from above whilst maintaining privacy. Whichever room in which it is utilised, the UltraSky is the perfect stylish solution in which to enhance the home all from above instead of around.

You’ll be amazed by how much bigger the desired space will feel, the roof elevated to add a greater sense of height. Internally the UltraSky roof light is traditionally clad in white so as not to interrupt the interior design of the space, but can be upgraded to Anthracite Grey or Satin Black to match or contrast its external finish accordingly.

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