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Investing in Aluminium: Are These Windows Worth Their Weight in Energy Savings & Security?

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First popularised in commercial construction, low maintenance aluminium has gained popularity in recent years within residential homes.

Renowned for their strength and thermal performance, aluminium windows and doors have taken the home improvement market by storm. But are they worth it? Is it worth paying for aluminium windows over more cost-effective options such as uPVC windows?

Aluminium windows: do they offer thermal efficiency?

Homeowners are rightly concerned about the energy efficiency of their windows, and with good reason. Inefficient windows allow for heat loss, which in term leads to uncomfortable room temperatures, excess condensation and even mould.

Aluminium windows from years past were thermally inefficient; however, thanks to thermal break technology, this material now offers exceptional thermal performance.

At Turkington Windows, our aluminium windows are A-Rated and can deliver savings of up to 28% on your heating bills! This means that the cost of aluminium windows is partially offset by the potential for energy savings.

Lumi casement window close up

Keeping you and your home safe: aluminium window security

Whether we are at home or not, we all expect that our doors and windows will keep us and our properties safe. While this isn’t always the case, homeowners who choose aluminium can rest assured knowing that this material is exceptionally strong and resistant to intruders.

What’s more, at Turkington Windows, we enhance our aluminium windows with modern security features including hinge bolts, multipoint shoot bolt locking systems and robust frames.

Sleek and modern aesthetics

Let’s face it, as important as it is to make sure your aluminium windows perform well, homeowners want their windows to look stylish too!

Aluminium windows are adored for their sleek, sophisticated style and modern look. Because aluminium is so strong, these slim frames can hold larger panes of glass than other materials, meaning that homeowners can enjoy slimmer sightlines and an increased amount of natural light.

At Turkington Windows, we offer a range of options including casement and tilt & turn. Available in a range of colours and premium quality powder-coated finishes ranging from subtle and natural to vibrant and striking, there is something for everyone!

We also offer a range of complementing aluminium doors for those opting for a cohesive look for their property.

Black aluminium casement windows installation

Durability: windows that will last for decades

Although aluminium is a slightly more expensive material when compared to other materials like uPVC, choosing this window style will offer savings in the long run because aluminium is extremely durable even in harsh weather conditions.

Aluminium windows typically have a lifespan of 30+ years with very little maintenance, and we also offer a 10 year guarantee for our windows!

Lumi window full installation

Why choose Turkington Windows?

When you’re embarking on a home improvement project, you need to know that you are working with an installer you can trust. Established in 1982, Turkington Windows has been providing windows, doors and conservatories to homeowners ever since. We’ve become known for our friendly expert team, and are more than happy to answer any questions.

You can also visit our showrooms in Lisburn and Portadown and see our product range for yourself.

Get in touch to discuss your new aluminium windows: call us on 0800 028 1812 or contact us online!

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