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What is the most effective house insulation?

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What is the most effective house insulation? It’s a question that’s often asked, but rarely has one specific answer.

Is it double glazing? Is it a conservatory roof replacement? Is it cavity wall insulation? Is the best type of insulation in fact triple glazing? Or is old-fashioned loft insulation the most energy-efficient type of home insulation?

While all those types of insulation are great for the homeowner – offering lower heating bills, reduced condensation, fewer draughts and a warmer home – the truth is that only a combination of insulation methods can fully benefit your property.

What is home insulation?

Insulation can refer to any material being used to create a barrier between one area and another. In a home, that usually means acoustic insulation to reduce noise, or thermal insulation to reduce heat transfer.

In practice, this means preventing cold air from getting into your home and keeping in the warm air. In turn, insulation reduces heating bills.

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Where does the heat go?

It’s reckoned that almost half the heat lost from a house is through its windows, doors and roof, with a further 15 per cent disappearing due to draughts (floors and walls account for the rest). It makes sense, then, to first ensure your home’s existing roof insulation is up to scratch: unless your house is old and has not been modernised in recent decades, it will probably have some form of insulation in the attic space. Typically, it may be manmade insulation (such as fibreglass or aluminium-backed foam board or spray foam insulation), but modern natural insulation materials (such as mineral wool) are popular. Either way, it’s wise to ensure your insulation has sufficient R-values to prevent heat loss from your home.

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How do I stop heat loss through the roof of my conservatory?

Homes with a glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof can benefit massively from a conservatory roof replacement with a solid or tiled roof – allowing ultimate thermal performance – or an upgraded glass roof incorporating Turkington Smart Glass, which has a U-value of 1.2W/m2K to minimise heat loss and reduce energy bills while retaining all the airiness of a traditional conservatory.

Energy efficiency with triple glazing

Are energy-efficient windows worth it?

Energy-efficient windows and doors are an equally worthwhile investment, enhancing the appearance and value of your property, meanwhile lowering its energy consumption. Replacing your old windows and doors with Turkington’s double glazing or triple glazing will radically improve your home’s efficiency, meanwhile reducing draughts and condensation. Our e-glass reflects heat back into the room, while argon gas sealed between each pane provides ultimate thermal and acoustic insulation when mated to our multi-chambered PVC or aluminium frames.

All of our replacement windows are the highest (A-rated) energy efficiency performance as standard, so by choosing Turkington you’ll enjoy the highest thermal insulation for a warmer home.

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