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Energy efficiency

Whilst conservation isn’t always at the top of everyone’s priority list, it really should be when you consider the amount of effort, time, energy, and money that can be saved in the process. Windows from the team here at Turkington represent this sentiment the most, being an effective and easy method of improving the insulation present in the home, even saving you money on heating bills in the process.

We always take the prospect of energy efficiency very seriously in every project we undertake, improving not only our customers’ lifestyle but the environment too in the process. Using high quality materials and precise manufacturing techniques, our windows work wonders in terms of keeping any heat present within the property.

High quality double glazing delivers high quality results

Our double glazed products are capable of achieving such low U-values and high levels of energy efficiency simply because we use the very best PVCu and aluminium materials and the most up-to-date glass during the manufacturing process. When combined with our three decades of industry experience, it’s a quality we feel confident in passing onto homeowners throughout Northern Ireland and the Greater Dublin area.

Windows from Turkington come ‘A’ Rated as standard

Timber effect window installation

The energy efficiency of any home improvement company’s windows is judged on The British Fenestration Rating Council’s Window Energy Rating (WER) scale, which scores alphabetically. Whilst the bare minimum required for any home is a ‘C’, the Turkington team don’t deliver any less than an ‘A’ making it increasingly more likely that heat will have the toughest time escaping.

Because your new replacement windows will be able to better accomplish the highest levels of thermal performance, you’ll be less inclined to turn on your home’s central heating, meaning that you’re using less energy in your home and as a result save money that you can invest elsewhere. The combination of ‘A’ standard double glazing, multi-chambered internal frame, and a warm edge spacer bar makes every frame we produce some of the very best in the thermal efficiency field.

Reducing your homes energy bills and carbon footprint simultaneously

Especially opting for replacement windows fabricated in aluminium, homeowners concerned with sustainability and recyclability can rest easy knowing that aluminium is one of the most versatile, durable, and re-usable materials in the world. Recycling aluminium saves almost 95% of greenhouse gas emissions compared to the methods previously used, helping to significantly reduce pollution levels in our atmosphere.

That’s not to say that our PVCu frames aren’t designed with reducing your property’s carbon footprint in mind – quite the contrary. Once installed by our experienced team any PVCu window will still expertly conserve the heat already present in the living space, requiring less energy to warm it up and so lower the energy output that would typically place a strain on the environment.

Turkington Windows: Helping you save energy as well as money

Turkington windows

Here at Turkington, we’ve built up a reputation throughout Northern Ireland and the greater Dublin area for offering homeowners the very best window, door, and conservatory products possible.

With this in mind, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that they also help you enjoy a warmer home, all whilst preventing any further adverse effects on the environment.

If you would like to know more why improved insulation is valuable and important, call our team on 02838 393 030 or contact us online today!

Double Glazing Across Ireland

With showrooms in Lisburn & Portadown we are ideally placed to supply and install windows, doors and conservatories all across Belfast and Northern Ireland, as well as the greater Dublin area and counties Monaghan, Meath and Louth.

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