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Triple Glazing vs Double Glazing: Which Option is More Energy-Efficient and Cost-Effective

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Keeping your home warm and energy efficient in the UK can feel like a real mission at times, with many age-old frames simply not equipped to prevent heat loss effectively. Opting for double glazing for your replacement windows has been a surefire method to help resolve this issue for a long time now, but homeowners who want the absolute best thermal performance now also have the option for triple glazing. More glazing means more options, but can sometimes lead to more confusion.  

If you’re someone wanting to improve your home’s energy efficiency through the installation of new windows, you’re probably wondering which is best in the great triple glazing vs double glazing debate. Well, we here at Turkington are committed to explaining the benefits of both, highlighting the circumstances where one option may sometimes be better than the other.  

Energy efficiency with triple glazing

What is double and triple glazing?

Before we go ahead and explain the benefits of triple glazing and double glazing, we thought it worth explaining what additional glazing even is. You see, single glazing can’t quite cut it in the modern world: a solitary pane of glass sitting in your uPVC, timber or aluminium window frame is not doing a good enough job at preventing the heat from escaping. Frames are sure to rattle, condensation will build, and you won’t be able to enjoy glorious outside views and lashings of natural light entry within a home that is able to stay warm all year round.  

Enter double glazing, a type of window installation that is almost literally twice as effective as it sounds. It works by adding an extra pane of glass and trapping a layer of air or inert gas between the two, which then can act as a natural insulator that is able to keep your home warm and thermally efficient. At Turkington we employ a 90 per cent Argon gas-filled cavity, Planitherm Total + heat-reflective coating and a warm-edge spacer bar in all our double-glazed windows to dramatically cut the amount of heat able to escape. You can make this process even more effective again – and improve noise reduction – with triple glazing, comprised of three 4mm glass panes.  

Outside a home with triple glazing in Northern Ireland.

Triple Glazing vs Double Glazing – Which is best?

Traditionally more equals better, but in the case of triple-glazed windows vs double glazing, not always. You see, the gains you’d see from that third pane of glass might be minimal depending on the climate you live in, or make all the difference. To remove the cost factor from the equation entirely, we at Turkington Windows are offering customers triple glazing for the same price as double glazing – so you can start enjoying the very best window energy efficiency regardless of where you live. That said, for those curious, here are the differences between triple and double glazing.  

Double glazing benefits

Two panes of glass are better than one, so much so that double glazing has quickly become the industry standard for homeowners seeking high-performance replacement windows. Using Argon gas to fill the cavity between two panes makes it a far more effective insulator, keeping your home warmer for longer and reducing energy bills in the process.  

  • A-rated energy efficiency as standard  
  • Draught-proof and water-tight  
  • Internally glazed  
  • Multi-chambered frames  
  • Planitherm Total + heat reflective coating  
  • 10-year warranty  

Triple glazing benefits

Triple-glazed windows and among some of the most efficient windows currently available, allow homeowners to unlock the absolute best levels of energy efficiency and thermal performance in their windows, utilising not one, not two, but three 4mm glass panes to better trap the heat between two Argon gas-filled cavities within the frame. It’s the ideal choice for the coldest climates situated throughout Northern Ireland and is well-equipped to result in a warmer, safer and more cost-effective home.   

  • A-rated energy efficiency  
  • Low-e glass  
  • Two insulating glass cavities instead of one  
  • Internally glazed  
  • Multi-chambered frames  
  • Planitherm Total + heat-reflective coating  
  • 10-year warranty  

Timber effect windows

When is the right time to upgrade to triple or double glazing

If you’re still unsure about whether you need to consider triple or double glazing at all, there are a few factors to consider and signs to look for. The most obvious is visible condensation. If you are noticing a build-up of this between your existing window’s panes, that’s a sign that the window seals have failed and moisture is being let into your home. Heat will be able to escape, and any insulation that did exist is no longer working. Other problems like draughts, difficulty opening/closing your windows and lack of soundproofing are also indications it’s time to upgrade.  

Triple Glazing vs Double Glazing – there’s no wrong choice with Turkington

Your journey to a more energy-efficient home needn’t be the headache it first seems with effective triple-glazing and double-glazing window solutions from Turkington. If you’d like to know more about the benefits, as well as our offer that sees both processes available at the same price, get in touch with our team using the online form. Doing so is free, ad we’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP.  


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