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How do you stop draughts from uPVC windows?

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As we’re heading towards those cold winter months, you may start to notice draughts coming in through your windows and doors even when they’re closed. This is the last thing you want during icy nights. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our tips for stopping draughts that are coming from uPVC windows.

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Why are my windows draughty?

Draughts are most commonly caused by gaps forming around your window. This can happen through damages, dirt or the windows dropping and causing unalignment.

Highlighting gaps within your window is easy; simply run your hand over your window during a windy day, and wherever you feel a draught coming from will be where your gap is.

In rare occurrences, a draught will be coming from a crack or damage within the glass of your window. If this is the case it will be visually obvious; you should always get the window replaced as soon as possible.

Installing weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is easily accessible online or from home improvement stores. The strips are quick and easy to install; simply peel and stick them around the frames of your window and they’ll act as a layer of insulation. Ideally, you should only be using weatherstripping as a temporary fix. This is because it needs replacing every year as it doesn’t last that long. Indeed, this solution will only be masking the real problem rather than fixing it.

Maintaining the locks, hinges and hardware

Occasionally, a window can become draughty because the hinges are dirty or have become rusty. If you give this a good clean at least once a year you could avoid the window hinges becoming unaligned and leaving gaps. If you’ve cleared out dirt and you’re still experiencing draughts then it could be a sign of further damage to the hardware.

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It’s not uncommon for old uPVC windows to experience damage to the locks and hinges. You can highlight problems with the hinges by simply closing the window and checking for gaps between the sash and the frame. If there is a gap, it means your hinges are damaged or faulty and you should look at getting them or the entire window replaced.

If your window lock is faulty and preventing the window from closing, your home insurance will actually be void. This is one reason you should look at getting the locking system replaced or replacing the entire window unit. You can test the tightness of your lock by sliding a credit card between the sash and the frame; if you notice it moving freely then your lock needs tightening or replacing.

Replace your windows

If draughts in your home are an ongoing issue then you should look at replacing your entire window unit. Although replacing the windows in your home may seem like a more expensive commitment, you’ll receive a return on investment when you sell your home and save yourself money annually through your energy bills.
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If you have visual damage to your window frames or the glass, you need to have the window replaced as soon as possible. The damage will only worsen, causing you endless issues.

Any damage to your windows will cause weak spots and leave your home vulnerable to intruders. If there are damages that are visible from the exterior it can act as a welcome invite to burglars.

Advancements in uPVC windows have led to much stronger frames that will be draught-free for their lifespan. At Turkington, we offer high-quality uPVC windows that are able to achieve A++ energy ratings. Our double-glazed windows are also capable of saving you up to 28% off your heating bills.

Upgrade to modern double-glazed uPVC windows with Turkington

Turkington Windows are proud to be a market-leading home improvement installer in Northern Ireland and Dublin. If you’d some more information about replacing your uPVC windows, you can get in touch with us for your free, no-obligation quote. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest showroom.

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